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Marcela Onyango

Marcela is a Luo stand-up comedian and writer based in Brooklyn. Marcela is the founder of Feel the News, a news destination with a sense of humor and anarchy which has amassed over 77k followers on TikTok. Marcela is currently a columnist for Shado Mag and hosts a monthly show, Feel the News at Friends and Lovers in Brooklyn. 

Marcela has performed at the Apollo, Black Women in Comedy Festival, Red Clay Comedy Festival, Laughing Devil Cup Festival, and Ladies of Laughter tour. 

Marcela's pilot “Trying to Live” was a second rounder in the 2021 Sundance Episodic Lab, a semifinalist in the 2021 BlueCat screenplay competition and a quarterfinalist at the 2022 ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition. 

Marcela's poetry has been published on Muchacha Fanzine! 

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