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Marcela Onyango

Marcela is a stand-up comedian and writer based in Brooklyn. Marcela is the founder of Feel the News, a news destination with a sense of humor and anarchy. Marcela was born in Kenya and moved to Texas when Marcela was twelve. It’s there that Marcela learned that y’all was a real word. Marcela moved from Texas to DC with hopes of changing the world but Marcela quickly became disillusioned by politics and sought comedy as an opportunity to discuss serious topics and frankly just complain about how terrible everything is.

Marcela was the runner up in the 2021 Ladies of Laughter stand up competition. Marcela's pilot “Trying to Live” was a second rounder in the 2021 Sundance Episodic Lab and a semifinalist in the 2021 BlueCat screenplay competition. Marcela has been featured in the Black Women in Comedy Festival  and The Laughing Devil Cup Festival. 

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